A surprisingly sweet, heartfelt (and long) feedback about my activities in their company arrived in my inbox from AS Standard. My goal is to bring joy, laughter, togetherness and movement into people’s day, and after reading this letter, I felt like I was on the right patch. It all started when I went to Standard to do a 15-minute trial workout However, it turned out to be a 60-minute group training session. The always cheerful and lively Standard team gathers in their training hall on Thursday evenings after work so that they can do a fun workout together with their co-workers. Their emotion was so sincere, I made a separate blog post about it. Below you can read their feedback.

a letter arrived in the e-mail inbox:


On Wednesday, 05.10.16 at 11:00, the 7th floor office fitness

it takes 15 minutes

If you are interested, more information here: https://firmafitness.ee/

On that day they gathered, some rushed with great enthusiasm, some moved with others, some just came to check out There were so many people that two training groups had to be formed due to the allocation of space and training facilities. The workout started with taking off your shoes and trying to stand straight. After distributing the rubber bands, we started stretching the rubber according to the coach’s instructions. Yes, literally. We didn’t cheat, we did it properly Everyone tried to find their flexibility, discovering new muscles. Stretching strengthened the blood circulation and brought a smile to the face. Those who came did not want to leave in the end!

We understood that if we want to keep moving = live, we have to start moving ourselves constantly. Since everyone had experience with not being able to force themselves to move independently at home and we need a “herd leader”, we agreed with Susie-Ann, a trainer we already know, that we will start moving together every week. Starting from October 13, we gather every Thursday after work, put on training clothes, lay out the yoga mats and work on our bodies for an hour. You also have to use your brain! The exercises involve different muscle groups, there are both strenuous and muscle-relaxing exercises. You also need to breathe while moving. This elementary activity is easy to forget when the mind and body are engaged in finding and maintaining a movement position. Working with your body is an activity that offers surprises. Whereas the right and left sides of the body are different – this is the thought that many people had when doing the side plank in the previous exercise. Yes, I positively fear in advance that there may be more such surprises in the next trainings. But this is what puts a smile on your face and makes you want to move more and more!

Since we want to be constantly live in accordance with the smart age, we formed a group on Facebook “Standard group training”. This way we can share our training impressions with each other and get information from the trainer.

Since people from different departments go to the group training, it is also a time for communication in addition to the joint training.

Of course, we can’t leave out the fact that gymnastic balls were brought into the office to enliven movement exercises. Thus, opportunities have been created to move during the working day by doing exercises with a ball, or to sit at the desk on an exercise ball and turn this sitting into exercise while working at the same time.

In summary, the 15-minute FirmaFitness demonstration practice has grown into a weekly group training session at AS Standard. This is a training session that is expected and according to which your life is organized. Thanks to inspirational coach Susie-Ann, everyone feels good in group training. The coach’s positivity, his ability to teach, the choice of exercises he has done – these are the keywords that attract you to work out!

Thanks See you