A business is only as goodas good their people.

For businesses, there is huge pressure to keeping employees productive, healthy and motivated. Especially when working from home. Businesses can not improve performance without productive and motivated people. So, it’s more important than ever to have the right tools and resources in place to achieve your business goals by supporting your greatest asset, your employees, and empower them to foster collaboration and to become more motivated and productive in the workplace. At Firmafitness we believe that healthy, inspired and productive employees create successful teams, which in turn improves overall company performance. Healthy people are less likely to be absent and have better job performance, which is why every euro invested in the health of workers generates many times the profit. We are here to help you improve your employees’ productivity, happiness and health through our wellness programs that focus on educating and providing effective tools and resources to significantly.

A healthier employee = a stronger company!

Prioritizing health makes everybody happy

Employee wellbeing is not only about organizing team events, it’s the foundation base of high-performing organizations everywhere and a vital aspect in a long list of business performance goals including safety, revenue, productivity, retention, absenteeism, job satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and company culture. Every euro invested in employees multiplies into profit as healthy employees are happy employees, so everybody wins! A healthier employee = a stronger company!

Reduce absenteeism

Minimize the risk of long-term illness in the workplace and reduce the cost of illness-related employee absenteeism due to healthier choices, behaviors and habits. Through mental health training, colleagues learn to help and advise themselves and each other. By increasing the sense of belonging in the team and raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle, absenteeism is reduced.

Boost workplace productivity

Prevent productivity loss due to stress-related illnesses such as burn-out and depression, forging a more focused and more productive workforce

Build a culture of health

Assure employees of your concern for their wellness. Improve your employer branding image, and increase employee engagement and morale levels.