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On-site massage

The lazier the environment becomes, the more it demands of us. Simplifying the world requires a great deal of effort, usually accompanied by stress. The latter accumulates in our musculoskeletal system and can lead to ‘tension’ in it that sooner or later reveals itself. The result is a pain in the head, neck, upper and lower back, buttocks or even legs. Pain syndrome significantly interferes with work productivity, influences motivation and interferes with workplace socialism.

The solution is exercise/gymnastics and massage that increase the level of health, quality and productivity of workers. A healthier worker is happier and more productive for both the company and the collective.

If you want to refresh during work and relief for your tension, the on-site massage is for you.

How does it work?

We do it on a special massage table, which you lay belly down on with either a naked upper body or openable bra. For this, the masseuse turns back to you or leaves the room to ensure your privacy.
Massage uses a natural oil, which also benefits the skin (the oil is cleaned at the end of the massage so that it does not seep into the clothes).
During the massage, the masseuse looks for and treats your tension points.
The goal is not to cause pain, but it may be necessary in some cases to start a muscle recovery process.


“Mitigating your tension is my goal!”

In their work, they identify problem areas and plan the massage procedure accordingly. Ultimately, they have just one goal – they must have healing processes in tense muscles when they leave the massage table. To accomplish this, they use techniques according to the problem.

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