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Workshops are a great opportunity to bring something new and exciting to your everyday life as part of your corporate health. The workshops offer a variety of fun activities that you can learn something new from. They are practical and create a positive atmosphere in your team. Workshops create awareness of healthier choices, give an overview of the state of health and body and inspire action.

Raw Chocolate Workshop

Raw chocolate is low-temperature handmade chocolate. Thanks to its method of preparation, it retains all the useful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and a true flavour.

Workshop includes:

• Introducing raw chocolate and ingredients (including various additives and sweeteners)

• Preparation of raw chocolate under the guidance of a chocolate master – a chance to get involved

• Tasting freshly prepared raw chocolate (about 100 g per person) and packaging of chocolate if necessary (for storage/taking)

Duration 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of participants (also, about 15-30 minutes of chocolate cure).

Smoothie workshop

The smoothie is a healthy snack that is gaining popularity. If you also want to start manufacturing quick health-packed snacks in your company, this workshop is perfect.

Workshop includes:

• Introducing the smoothie ingredients – what to put in a smoothie and what not

• Making smoothies

• Delivery of ingredients (if desired, the customer may also pre-supply ingredients)

Duration 30-45 minutes depending on the number of participants.

Posture workshop

Want to know how to motivate your employees or don’t know which training to choose? Proper training helps prevent muscle tension from getting worse and improves mobility. Also getting to know your current situation helps you choose the right exercise.

In the posture workshop, 3 quick tests are carried out to show where tension is stored in the body and how the body is feeling.

• The tests are carried out personally in the company with each person. The necessary resources are provided by a group specialist.

• Duration: 5 minutes per person.

• After testing you can decide on the following activities and set goals.

Measurement of body composition

Want to know how to motivate your employees to train or don’t know which exercise to choose? Correct exercises helps prevent muscle tension and improves mobility and getting the right exercise helps you get to know your current situation.
Measurement of body composition:
Group (from 10 people) | Personal with consultation

The Jawon ioi 353 Body Analyzer provides 99% accuracy to help the coach give personal recommendations.

• Biological age

• Fat share

• Body fat %

• Muscle share and distribution (hands, body, legs)

• Level of internal fat

• Schedule for making changes

• How much to eat or recommended caloric intake

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