Our office fitness sessions are specially designed for computer workers. Our exercises improve posture and release tension that is caused by prolonged sitting. All our office fitness sessions are available on-site and online.

Office Fitness

15-20 minute active and energetic movement in the workplace which doesn’t require workout clothes not makes you sweat. All our office fitness programs are specifically designed for computer workers to help relieve pain in the back, neck and shoulder area. Perfect for a movement break during the workday. You don’t need change clothes and the training equipment is on the coach’s side. Perfect for a movement break during the workday.

Office Yoga

20-30 minute yoga session where exercises are performed in the rhythm of your breathing. You can choose between yoga on the mat and chair yoga. Office yoga sessions are designed for computer workers, you will be stretching and holding different positions that will help you improve your posture. Comfortable clothes are necessary for mat yoga. Office yoga is perfect for daily exercise or for a wellness week.

Group Training

A 60 minute active workout which can be organized either at the company’s premises or at a fitness club. Training is carried out in the presence of space in the premises of the company or outside the company in the gym. Group training is perfect for an after work activity or to incorporate in your wellness week.

Posture Fitness

30 minutes of guided movement will help you improve your posture and make you feel powerful and self-confident. In posture fitness we pay attention to specific posture exercises that will help you live a pain-free life. Workout clothes will not be necessary. Posture fitness is perfect for the company’s wellness week.