Good trainers answer the question “how did you make him an athlete?” with the answer “I didn’t.”.


What distinguishes a trainer from a good trainer is the ability to see potential and the ability to use this potential for the benefit of the trainee so that he reaches his absolute maximum.


Looking at it this way, it is quite clear that no trainer creates an athlete. He simply helps him to get in touch with his inner strength, through which the athlete is motivated and achieves his absolute maximum.


The same applies to employers.


Many companies try to motivate their employees to work more efficiently with fruit plates in the morning, team events, pizza nights and sports compensation. This takes a considerable amount of money out of the business, but is it bringing the necessary results?


In order to really increase the efficiency of the employees and thereby improve the results of the company, it is necessary to understand what are the factors that motivate employees to contribute more.

Motivation is not only about quality, but also about quantity


Apparently, we all know that a motivated employee does more than what is expected of him. However, we don’t seem to understand exactly what a motivation is. So let’s take a closer look at it.


Motivation is often associated with energy and excitement. According to this, a motivated employee is always ready to give 101%. He arrives first. Leaves last. His energy level is clearly higher. Does it mean he is motivated? Yes and no.


Scientists have come to the understanding that we can distinguish positive and negative motivation. Positive motivation helps us achieve more, create good emotions and feel good about ourselves. Negative motivation causes tension and increases toxicity.


Whether we are introverts or extroverts, our brains are programmed to make connections. However, in order for these connections to be productive, they must also be good for our mental health.


When very capable people, but with different personal characteristics and motivators work in one team, instead of being productive, together they can make a toxic and ineffective team. It’s an unexpected situation for managers and recruiters, because everything seems right on paper – these people ARE capable and they ARE ready to accomplish great things. Just not together in one team. Everything starts with the connection.

One size does not fit all


Another misconception regarding motivation is that we try to motivate our peers in the same way that we motivate ourselves. It might work with a couple of people, but definitely not everyone. The reason is simple – we are motivated by different things, and what suits one may not suit for the other.


Not only is it crucial to create teams with people who vibe together, it is even more important that we motivate them in different ways – ways they understand.


What is motivation?


Before you start motivating someone, it is necessary to understand what motivates this particular person.


Motivation is usually desire or will to have fun, to feel good, powerful, and confident. Not only. As much as we are motivated to feel good about ourselves, we are also motivated to keep everything complicated out of our lives.


The secret of success lies in the balance of forces – the more motivations in our life that make us feel almighty, and the fewer motivations that cause us difficulties or pain, the more powerful and motivated we feel.


However, people lean more in one direction or the other. Some are more focused on experiencing positive motivation. They are ambitious, inclined to take responsibility and lead projects.


Others are motivated by avoiding the negative. They are constantly alert, ready to notice and find mistakes, and to sense when things are about to escalate.


The question is not how to motivate your employees, but how to apply their already existing motivation at the right time, right place and in the right way.


Creating a healthy and motivating work environment


So we have learned that your employees are already motivated. It is important to apply their motivation in the right way.


It sounds easier than it actually is.


As human beings, we are complex. It is difficult for others to understand us, and it is difficult to understand ourselves.


Don’t worry! We have a solution!


In cooperation with our partner Vaelio we help you create a strong work culture in which people work in a flowand apply their motivation in those aspects where it comes out most naturally.


We wrote about Vaeliou’s data and science-based approach herebut a little reminder for you:


Vaeliou’s foundation is a science-based approach, in which both the values and expectations of each individual and the team as a whole are equally explored. Every team is different, and every team member should feel that their ideas are valued. However, the identity of the team as a whole is no less important, because together with individual values, they form the company’s culture.


And all this for what? That’s right – to create absolutely the most effective teams and, as a result, to achieve excellent results!


Contact us and we will make your ambitions come true!