Standing Mat – GetUpMat


  • Makes working in an upright position more comfortable
  • Improves blood supply to the legs and back
  • Helps prevent back and leg pain




Helps prevent leg fatigue and lower back pain due to long standing position. GetUpMat’s design, material properties and optimum rigidity reduce the chatter and fatigue of standing. The parking mat can be used, for example, in industry, cash registers, airports, pharmacies, banks and all work areas that require standing. Thanks to the innovative content, the mat never penetrates to the bottom and is long-lasting. The surface is covered with a dirt-repellent material. The floor mat is made of high-quality polyurethane. The bottom adheres well to the floor. The use of the mat is made safe and comfortable by tripping the sloping edges. The standing mat is easy to clean and disinfect as it does not contain fabric parts. The mat has a carrying handle for convenient transport or hanging on a table corner or on the end of a hook. for example when cleaning.


Place the mat on a smooth and dry surface at the workplace. The mat can be used with or without shoes. Do not use the mat with shoes with sharp heels.

Product data:

Dimensions: 640x515x21 mm

Color: Dark Grey

Material: PU Polyurethane (PVC free) The surface is smooth, repels dirt and is antibacterial. Sloping edges. The bottom is slip-resistant and safe

Warranty 5 years