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Lumbar Support Backrest – Pilot Spot

  • Supports the lower back
  • Prevents back problems
  • Moves comfortably with your back




Pilot Spot, an ergonomic backrest that adapts to your back and carries it, was originally developed for pilots and can now be used by anyone whose job requires a long sitting position in an office chair or vehicle (car, bus, truck, etc.) Back problems usually start with the wrong back position and lack of mobility. Backrest Pilot Spot helps to rest your back, as your back is fully supported, at the same time allows the necessary mobility for the back, activates the back muscles and metabolism, and the back is in the right position. The Pilot Spot backrest provides the correct position for the body in the vehicle and on the office chair. Proper posture and posture will reduce the strain on your back, shoulders and neck.


The Pilot Spot backrest is easy to install on all chairs (see installation instructions). The height of the pilot can be adjusted and adjusted for users with one simple movement and can be easily removed. The Pilot Spot backrest is light and comfortable to take with you on a trip.

Product data:

The Pilot Spot backrest is made of high-quality cleaning material and is available in different colors. The Pilot Spot backrest has been tested in an air force laboratory under extreme conditions suitable for fighter jets. Humantool manufactures backrests for hundreds of civil aviation pilots. Pilot Spot viscoelastic Pharma Foam padding balances weight distribution.

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Black, Blue, Dark Grey, Gray, Red