Has anyone ever felt great and so mobile that they could do splits after sitting or working at the computer for a long time? Probably not… Sitting for a long time makes our body stiff, so the first thing we want to do is to is a little stretch. However, if we do not do stretching or fitness, we train our body towards immobility – the body remains stiff. Since our bodies are designed to move, more serious problems arise in bodies that do not exercise. Problems arise in muscle work and the position of the body begins to change: the shoulders rotate forward, there is pain in the lower back, neck or shoulders, mobility disorders in the back, hip area, etc.

Performing mobility exercises in office fitness sessions is the best method to improve mobility disorders and muscle work and relieve pain. Muscles determine our overall quality of life and are related to our daily posture and sitting position. The better the posture and sitting position, the less pain and mobility disorders occur. Mobility exercises are great for improving these negative traits.

Let it be noted here that there is no best or perfect posture or sitiing position. A person should not study his body in a static position, but in a dynamic movement, for example, walking.

In order to begin to improve the areas of concern, you should first perform the exercise that causes pain. This can be, for example, bending forward in case of back pain or squatting in case of knee pain. Any exercise that causes pain or problems indicates a problem. After that, it is necessary to perform mobility exercises that have a positive effect on the problem area. After performing the exercises, the painful exercise is repeated – if the problem area is more mobile or there is less pain, it means that the mobility exercise has a positive effect. In this way, it is possible to improve the quality of movement with mobility exercises, which in turn make the posture and body movement pattern more beautiful.

Through purposeful and continuously performed mobility exercises, it is possible to improve mobility disorders in the body, posture and quality of life, and achieve better results in sports, work and everyday activities.