I received a lot of positive feedback on my previous blog post, where I included exercise videos that are good to do while at work. In the previous blog post, I focused on head position and shoulders. In this post, I focus on upper back and arms. If you haven’t seen the previous post yet, you can read it HERE.

We tend to slouch forward – the shoulders rotate inward, the back is slightly hunched forward and the lower back is arched. To get out of this position, I have the following exercise. The keyword for the exercise is bringing the chest forward and up.

To perform the exercise, sit with your knees higher than your hips, this helps fix the lower back and allows you to focus more on the mobility of the upper back, which is the goal of this exercise. If you can’t lower the chair that much, you can put a pillow under your feet. If there is no pillow, the legs can be placed on the toes.

1) Cross your arms over your chest and roll down calmly.

2) Slowly rolling up, bring your shoulders down and stretch your chest forward and up.

3) In the final position, do not overextend, i.e. the lower back must remain in a neutral position.

4) You can repeat the exercise about 15 times.


Computer workers tend to have stiff forearms from using a mouse and keyboard. Greater problems occur for those who do not have or do not use hand or wrist supports. The following exercise will make you more mobile and can prevent serious pain.

The exercise can be performed perfectly behind the table.

1) Stand up, turn your fingers outward as much as you can and place your palms on the table.

2) Try to straighten your elbows.

3) Bring your shoulders down.

4) If the exercise still seems easy and you want a stronger stretch, move your body weight backwards. Shoulders must remain down, elbows straight and palms on the table.

5) Hold the position for approx. 5-10 seconds and immediately try again. Repeat for 8 times.


Listen to your body while exercising!

Move, exercise and smile!