FirmaFitness @ Latitude59

On May 24-25, a start-up and technology conference Latitude 59 took place in Tallinn. This year’s event was especially cool because Firmafitness was also present! We took care to get the audience moving!

Firmafitness participated in a panel called “The Breakthroughs, Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare” on May 25. As the name suggests, this panel was invited by professionals from around the world in their field of healthcare. The talk was mainly about how innovative information technology solutions will help people in the future to better understand their body and thereby find personal solutions to health problems or even learn to prevent the onset of diseases.

This is exactly what we at FirmaFitness contribute to, because we believe that exercise helps to prevent many health problems and ensure a better quality of life!

As usual at seminars and conferences, most of the day is spent sitting, and exciting presentations make us forget that it is also important to get up and move from time to time. FirmaFitness inspired everyone to move. We managed to get the whole hall moving together and gave the participants energy to spend the long day even more productively. If you take care of your physical health, your mental health will also improve.

If you also want to make your conferences, meetings or working days more productive, invite Firmafitness to your office!