for the body

Exercise: sitting all the time at your workplace damages the body. Whoever moves during work also works productively For example, instead of calling a colleague, employees could go to each other in person. In addition, it is good to take the stairs instead of the elevator for a few floors.

Breaks at work: In addition to the lunch break, during which I definitely recommend going for a walk (for example, to a cafe or taking a small tour of the neighborhood), short movement breaks in the middle of the working day are also very effective. Movement breaks help you take a break from work thoughts for a moment, give you energy and improve your ability to concentrate on work.

Nutrition: the body knows what is healthy and good. Some larger companies also have healthy eating days, for example fruit and vegetable days.

sitting: there is no perfect sitting position. It is important to constantly change your position and the office chair should be adjustable in many ways.

Drink water:drinking water is important and beneficial for the body both at work and at home.

Air: stagnant air in the office becomes unbearable for a person. It inhibits mental work, makes you sleepy and forces you to drink too much water. It is important to ventilate the premises during the working day or invest in a ventilation system.

Lighting: office lighting should come from the ceiling and must not shine excessively. At the same time, it must not be too dark either, as working in the dark is bad for the eyes and causes a feeling of fatigue.

Computer screen: experts say that the computer screen should be about 80cm away from the eyes. The bigger the screen, the further away you have to sit.

Individuality: even in a large shared office, each employee could have the opportunity to have their own separate workplace. Ideally, it includes separating walls, your own lamp and the ability to sit comfortably.

For the mind:

Smiling: psychologists say that an office where employees smile increases productivity. Smiling has a relaxing effect and lowers blood pressure. It’s also contagious 🙂

Tone of voice: A good office climate is determined, among other things, by our tone of voice. Take care to be precise in your speech and treat others with respect.

Valuation: managers largely shape the atmosphere in the office. Managers, give feedback to your employees.

Sympathy: if you see each other everyday in the office, you will also notice small changes. If you notice that someone is not quite themselves, show some care.

Recognition: a situation where a person gives more praise than he gets back is common. Acknowledging each other is the key to a positive office atmosphere.

Openess: be open with each other. By talking openly with your colleagues, you will prevent major problems from arising.

Diversity: we are all different and each has its own qualities. Notice these qualities, because your special people are what make your company great.