In December, we started working with Vaeliou,whose goal, like Firmafitness, is to create a strong work culture through a data-based approach.


Thanks to this, the company attracts the best candidates, which creates favorable ground for the company’s development and growth in the long term.


A data-driven approach, what is this?


A good corporate culture can only be created through a bottom-up approach where subordinates participate in leadership by letting the leader know how and where they want to be led. However, it can only really work if it is based on real data, not just gut feeling.


The basis of Vaeliou’s service is a scientific approach, in which both the values ​​and expectations of each individual and the team as a whole are equally studied. Every team is different, and every team member should feel that their ideas are valued. However, the identity of the team as a whole is no less important, because together with individual values, they form the company’s culture.


12 elements of identity


Thanks to our research-based approach, it is possible to find out whether and in which area your company needs support in order to realize its true potential.


Research shows that the 12 elements of identity are critical success factors in building a successful company culture. Therefore, the culture needs a bottom-up approach, where the emphasis is placed on the individual roles and identity of the team.


Incorporating remote and hybrid work environments requires innovative technological and other solutions to help people communicate and collaborate. Vaeliou offers clear and measurable concepts of what corporate culture is and how people’s identity(s) contribute to it. It is made available in a practical and measurable SaaS tool that ensures statistical reliability.


4 key factors


We have divided our areas of support into twelve categories, from which the four most important ones stand out:


  1. Generation – how to get the best out of teams where different generations work together.
  2. Nation – how to cooperate and reach new markets.
  3. Geopolitics – how to cooperate in different time and cultural zones.
  4. Wellbeing – how to support the body and mind in a way that helps you reach your full potential.


Visible and tangible benefits


After using the Vaeliou app, the feedback from the teams has been very positive. They generally noted that it was really eye-opening to visualize how they worked as a team. Especially where there were gaps and which strengths overlapped.


Visually mapping the team’s identity and behavioral characteristics prompted them to see their strengths overlap. As a result, they began to understand the value of sharing experiences with colleagues and learning from them. For example, learning about relevant geopolitical situations and their impact on business and customers. Or the importance of wellness to improve the mood and motivation of all team members.

By thoughtfully dealing with what really matters, results will come quickly.


In cooperation with Firmafitnessi and Vaeliou, your company can:



Not just workouts


At Firmafitness, we work every day to provide the greatest value to your company, from physical activity to a strategic approach to team building and thus to the growth and development of the company.


We are more than happy to partner with the HR team by organizing various events or by bringing your company together with our global partners who have great experience in starting companies and successfully dealing with hybrid work.