Firmafitness has trained people for nearly ten years, and during this time we have noticed that although people’s wishes and habits are moving towards healthy eating, there is still little knowledge about what to keep in mind when choosing food.


The selection of food in the store is wide, and the nutritional value of the seemingly same product can be very different depending on the manufacturer. In this article, we will share 3 main points you should pay attention to at the store, so you’d achieve your goals faster!

1 Pay attention to sugar

Seemingly healthy foods can be full of sugar.

A product with “fitness” written all over it is actually made out of sugar. 26.1 g of sugar per 100 g means that more than a quarter of it is just sugar. The second product seems to be an ordinary granola, but there is much less sugar – 5.5g per 100g.


You shouldn’t be afraid of sugars, but for the sake of your own health, it’s worth educating yourself.

Some foods contain sugars naturally. However, some sugars are added to foods and drinks during their preparation, in this case they’re called added sugars.

The amount of added sugars should remain below 50 grams per day.

Another example: seemingly similar products, but the amount of added sugar is completely different.


In order to consume less than 50g of added sugar per day, is it necessary to start tracking your food? Not necessarily. Choose foods with less sugar. Start reading labels and choosing foods carefully.

Know that sugars are added to almost everywhere these days – flavored yogurts and other dairy products, marinades, dressings and even ready-made salads.

Why pay attention to sugar?


Apparently, it is no news to anyone that the number of obesity in the world keeps increasing. Sugars certainly aren’t the only thing to blame here, although they certainly play an important role. Obesity is a strong risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. We should address all the factors that cause obesity(ncluding excessive consumption of added sugars).


Products with added sugars have a less fiber, vitamins and minerals. If you consume foods which have a lot of added sugars, your body won’t receive enough quality macronutrients to function normally.

Unfortunately many still think that brown sugar, sucrose or fructose are healthy. They are all sugars, and with their excessive consumption, we do a disservice not only to our weight, but to our health in general.

2 Pay attention to fats


Minced meats look similar but are completely different when you start reading their labels.

Just like sugars, there is no need to fear fats. Fats should be consumed in moderation.


Fats play an important role in our daily diet, because they help absorb fat-soluble vitamins. If you don’t consume enough fat in your diet, the development of your entire body may slow down and your immune system can get weaker.


On the other hand, since fats provide a lot of energy (1g of fat – 9kcal vs 1g of protein – 4kcal), it is very easy to get excess energy by consuming foods that are high in fat. If energy intake and expenditure are not balanced, excess fat can be stored in adipose tissue, leading to overweight or obesity.


3 Eat food that actually exists in nature

Both are chicken When you eat chicken, you get proteins. Proteins ensure a strong and functioning immune system and they participate in the transport of many compounds in our bodies. It seems like both products are fine. Actually one of them has only 41% meat. Less than half! What’s the rest 60% made out of?


Ready-made-foods are full of saturated fat, sugar, sodium, preservatives, and other crazy things. These foods are full of empty calories that cause insulin spikes, which in turn can lead to obesity or diabetes.


IF you’re an athletic person, but your physical form is still kind of soft, you should analyze how much ready-made-foods are you eating. Just replacing them with real meat would give the desired result faster.


Make reading labels a habit!


In conclusion, there is no highway to the dream bodyweight and healthy lifestyle. But it all starts with small choices, changing habits. If you’ve never researched the nutritional values of foods at the store, it may seem like an annoying extra task at first. However, I can confirm from my own experience that this is the only way to make your diet and lifestyle healthier. When we eat consciously, our external image will changes along with well-being.


Let’s make a deal! The next time you go to the store, grab that granola and check the ingredients: does it have a kilo of unnecessary sugar or something useful!


Open your eyes and read the food labes and start making conscious decisions.

Eating is the only job that feeds you, but in order for it to really feed you, you need to understand what you are giving to your body!