Desk Forearm Support

  • Helps maintain the body’s relaxed posture
  • Reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and injury
  • Promotes sitting in an ergonomic position




Innovative forearm support offering soft but firm support for your forearms and wrists. The ultra-thin design makes it suitable even for low profile keyboards without losing flexibility and comfort. The universal flexible brackets attach to any desk and make it easy to adjust the forearm support to your best comfort level regardless of desktop thickness, corners or rounded edges. Unlike many forearm supports, ForeArm Support Slim is considerably flatter than other models, which makes it perfect to use with keyboards, mouses or trackpads. This flat model is slim and smooth while providing comfortable and soft support. The surface layer is made of fine-pored imitation leather, which makes it easy to clean even with disinfectants. You can adjust the brackets and choose how you want to place your forearm for the best support possible.



Universal forearm support has many fastening options and fastening positions. Suitable for all tables, tables of different thickness and shapes, including round-shaped tables. For fastening, choose fastening screws of the appropriate length and the appropriate position of the fastening clamps, according to the thickness and shape of the tabletop.

Product data:

Material: artificial leather

Width: 690 mm

Depth: 220 mm

Thickness: 11 mm

Max opening: 35 mm

Color: Black

Weight: 2.5 kg