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Standing Board – Gymba

  • Encourages working in an upright position
  • Creates the correct posture when working and promotes movement
  • Activates deep muscles and improves balance




Gymba is made in Finland and has a patented cross flexibility which makes it unlike any other activation or balance board on the market. This patented cross flexibility of the board allows for a walk like movement, changing standing from static to dynamic. Boosts blood circulation by keeping the body moving. Concentration and motivation increase and work efficiency increases. Gymba helps to reduce and prevent health problems arising from too long continuous sitting. Developed specifically to find the right standing position and posture. It is also more convenient to stand on the Gymba than on the floor.

Each hour could alternate 50 minutes of sitting for 10 minutes in Gymbat. As the habit grows, the time of using Gymba can be gradually extended from 10 minutes to 30 minutes per hour. You will feel the changes after a few days of use. Standing on the gymbale placed on the floor, the device automatically creates a healthy correct body rhythm for you and keeps your muscles running. Turning the Gymba around, you can do various exercises on your feet. The use of gymba does not harm the floors.

Product data:
Width: 46.5 cm
Depth: 30.5 cm
Height: 5.5 cm
Weight: 1450 g
Users max weight: 190 kg

Gymba is made from composite. This is a mixture of 40% cellulose and 60% polypropylene. There is a layer of felt fabric material on the underside so that the floor is protected and the Gymba does not slide back and forth. Due to its elasticity, Gymba allows versatile movement.

Warranty: 5 years

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