Do you sit most of the day? Are your shoulders rotated forward? Your chin is a little forward? Do you work with a computer? If you answered yes, then you are most likely tense.

It all starts with the position of the head. We stare at our computer screen the same way we try to see the road in bad weather – we put our chins forward. Somehow we believe that if our eyes are 5 cm closer to the computer screen, we can see much better. Next the arms and shoulders. If we are already looking at our computer screen very closely, then we also raise our shoulders higher to use keyboard and mouse. Sometimes this position is even comfortable, but not useful in the long run. Finally, the nose is in the screen, the upper body and legs are tense. It often ends with lower and upper back pain and neck soreness.

No one should have to suffer these pains.

Below I show two exercises that help to bring the head into the right position, move the shoulders back and get rid of tension.

  1. Pull the chin in so that the head moves back into its original place and the neck returns to its normal position. Now pull your chin in and bring your chin to your chest, then look up and bring your head to the back of your head. Repeat a movement trajectory that looks like a nod. At the end of the exercise, keep your head in the right place, despite the computer screen wanting to drag it forward. Repeat for 15 times.

  1. Raise your arms, palms down. Inhale and when exhaling bring your shoulders back and turn your shoulder blades together, thumbs out. Inhale, bring your arms back into the starting position. Repeat for 15 times.

To do the exercises, stand up if possible.

Also, don’t forget to be active during the day! Move and smile!