In these blog posts, I describe the main problems and offer solutions to most frequently asked questions.

Problem What to do
Fatigue in the shoulder area Perform neck and shoulder circles. Light stretching. Move around, relax the shoulder area.
When touching you can feel the tension in the muscle If you can feel the tension when touching, take breaks from computer work, move around and move the tense area. Go to the sauna, massage and use water procedures.
The joint mobility is limited, for example, the arm cannot be raised, the neck is stiff. Soreness. It is a more serious and longer process. You can get help from a physiotherapist.
Muscle numbness or tingling. It can be a nerve problem or excessive muscle tension. If it is a matter of muscle tension, self-massage and exercise helps. A doctor can help with a nerve problem.

Most problems related to discomfort or pain in the shoulder area can be solved by exercising. Take care of yourself. Take the opportunity to go for a massage or spa water treatments.