In the previous blog post I wrote about sitting on a ball but this time I will show some exercises that can be done on a big ball. If you haven’t read the last post about sitting on a ball in the office, you can do it here. I chose ball exercises precisely because many people have big balls in the office, but the ball is either only used for sitting or for collecting dust. I want to show that you can do many different great exercises on the ball, which relieve from tension and tension caused by sitting.

During the working day, it is recommended to stretch and do light fitness precisely because it improves posture, develops coordination, reduces the feeling of fatigue and the risk of injury.

What’s positive is that you don’t have to lie down on the floor in your work clothes – you can do all the exercises on the ball. However, there are a few exercises that you have to do on your back on the floor. You can choose the ones that suit you from the following exercises.

Now, some of the great stretches and exercises that you can do both in the gym and in the office.

Note: listen to your body while doing these exercises

  1. Stretching

Sit on the ball and walk with your feet forward so that your back rests on the ball, extend your arms. For better balance, place your feet apart from each other.

The stretch helps to open and stretch the chest and also stretches the back. The exercise is easier when the ball is under the upper back

and more difficult when under the lower back

In addition, you can also move your hands to the sides to bring a greater stretch toyour chest muscle.

If you want to come out of this stretch, first bring your chin to your chest, then roll back into sitting position.

  1. Stretch nr 2

This stretch is for the hip flexors (iliac-lumbar muscles).

Place your knees down and the ball on your shins. Lean back and push your hips forward. This way you feel the stretch in the front side of the body. For a stronger stretch, tighten your glutes, which will help bring your hip forward even more.

You can also raise your hands here.

  1. Core exercise – plank

The following exercise is for the advanced or those who want to challenge themselves.

Plank – feet on the ball looks simple, but requires balance and strong core muscles. This exercise is for the whole body, as both the upper body and legs need to be kept strong.

Whoever feels that the exercise is easy, can move the support point to the toes. (In the previous picture, the feet are parallel.) It requires even more balance.

  1. Back exercise

The exercise helps to strengthen the back muscles and move the shoulders back. The latter is very important for computer workers, as the shoulders tend to rotate inwards. The following exercise has the opposite effect – it moves the shoulders back.

  1. A relaxing exercise for the lower back

Lie on your back, place your heels on the ball and move your arms to the sides. Bring your feet to the ground, try to drop your shoulders and keep your lower back loose. When the shoulder lifts off the ground, do not lower the legs.

Feel a nice stretch in your lower back.

Have a sporty week!