I had the honor to attend physical education classes for children at the Meremäe school in Setomaa and conduct training for adults at the gym in Obinitsa. In the physical education class, the children performed slightly different exercises than usual, learned about the effect and importance of exercise on the body and health. In addition, they learned the basics of nutrition. Since it was still a physical education class, I took my arm wrestling table with me. The children got basic knowledge of the arm wrestling technique and then tried arm wrestling with each other. Among the children, a modest but extremely strong girl stood out, who was also able to crush the arms of some boys. Hopefully, he will become a successful and talented athlete in the future!

The second training took place in the Obinitsa gym, whose regular visitors got good tips on how to perform as many different exercises as possible in a small gym with little space and little equipment. Even the smallest changes in exercise technique significantly increased the effectiveness of training.

I hope that the participants got a lot of positive energy and that a smile always remains on their faces.