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Hi, I’m Susie-Ann and I’ll make you move!


I am a personal trainer who helps someone working with a computer feel more refreshed, sharper and more focused. With my laughter and energy, I can make anyone who has been sitting in a static position move. When you work with a computer, you lose track of time and forget to pause and move to get your blood going again.

With a 15-minute controlled break, you can stretch yourself and have your eyes rest from the screen. These breaks will have a new meaning if you fill them with targeted exercises that will not make you sweat, but stretch your muscles, relieve back pains from sitting, improve blood flow, and allow you to rest for a moment.

Work experience, certificates

  • In 2015-2016, I worked as a personal trainer in Germany, where my main clients were people with stents or movement disorders, whom I helped through various training exercises.
  • In Germany, I conducted office fitness and group training in large companies.
  • I own an International Personal Trainer License
  • ERK level 4 fitness trainer
  • I train both office staff and personal trainers

Hi, I’m Kaarel and I’ll make you move!


I am a personal and group trainer as well as a titled athlete who believes we can find good health together while moving. In my workouts, I offer positive emotions, raise motivation and make you smile. All people who have been sitting behind a computer for a long time will get a second wind during a short but effective training break.

Hi, I am Kaili and I’ll make you move!


I’m focused on experiencing life and mainly instruct Pilates and Yoga lessons. I love the soft training style, including running. I believe that caring for every aspect is the most important and the basis for everything else in our lives. During In-office gymnastics, I consider it important to focus on functional movement, on noticing and on being present, so that the movement can benefit rather than harm. After a 15-minute pause, you will feel taller, tougher, more satisfied and more focused on your work.


Hi, I’m Lauri, and I’ll make you move!


I am a personal trainer who helps a person constantly working with a computer bring freshness and new motivation into their routine. I also infect you with my good mood, cheerfulness and power – I invite you to lift your nose from the keyboard for a while and move. Do not forget that you are meat and bone, and you need a little exhilaration in the middle of the workday to “get on” again. I only work with you for 15 minutes, but they are full of great exercises and laughter that will relax and help you get out of the job for a moment. Neck and back tensions decrease, blood flow improves and your eyes get relaxed. Since 2013 I have been seeing through personal and group training. I own a fighting sports club, where I’m the head coach. I have been doing massage since 2014 and also train in healthy lifestyles and am on the way to the world of top sport.