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The trainer


Hello, my name is Susie-Ann and I will make you move!


I am a personal trainer who helps people working on computers feel sharp, refreshed and more focused. With my laughter and energy, I will get all the people who have spent long hours in forced positions. People working on a computer lose track of time and forget to take breaks to move and increase blood flow.

During a 15-minute break it’s possible to stretch and rest your eyes. These breaks own a new purpose when filled with meaningful exercises that will not induce sweat, but instead stretch, relieving back pain from sitting, improve blood flow and give a chance to take your mind off work.

Experience and certification

  • 2015-2016 worked as a personal trainer in Germany, focusing mainly on people with motor disabilities or implants, who I helped through different exercises.
  • Conducted office workouts in German corporations.
  • 2015-2016 wrked as a group trainer in Teras ja Telliskivi Koduklubi sports club.
  • Starting from 2013 focusing on personal training.
  • International personal trainer license.
  • ERK level 3 gym trainer.

Received training

  • Fascia training. Nutrition to benefit fascia.
  • Exercises relieving forced positioning.
  • Core body and back pain relief training.
  • Biomechanics.
  • Specialized culturist and fitness trainer class.
  • Personal trainer class.
  • Functional testing, injury treatment and –prevention.
  • Exercises for strengthening the muscular girdle and improving posture.
  • Charles Poliquin Strenght Sensei Seminar.
  • Nutrition counseling.
  • Circle training class.
  • TRX suspension trainer.
  • Crosscore & functional training.


Hi, I’m Lauri and I will make you move!


I am a personal trainer, who helps people working in offices on their computers bring refreshment into their lives and rekindle their will to work. With my high spirits and get-go attitude I will sweep you along to remove yourself from the keyboard and move. Do not forget that you are flesh and blood and need invigorating during the workday to get yourself ‘running’ again. I will work with you for a mere 15 minutes, but they will be filled with fun exercises and laughter that will relax you and pull you out of your working routine. The tension in your neck and back will be reduced along with improving blood flow and also resting your eyes. I have been conducting personal and group trainings since 2013. I own and coach in a martial arts club. I am certified as a masseur since 2014. I am a lecturer in leading a healthy lifestyle (Coral Club). Mainly I am a professional athlete.