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Gymba’s is an active standing desk that helps you work healthy while standing, without having to worry about a foot or back overload. You can use your working time for a workout that accelerates metabolism and helps blood circulation. You spend more calories than sitting or standing normally. Your concentration and motivation will increase along with your efficiency.

Gymba helps to reduce and prevent health problems caused by lengthy consistent sitting. Specially designed to find the right healthy posture. It is much more comfortable to stand on the Gymba than on the floor.

Scientific research shows that women often sit up to 7 hours a day and men even more. Nearly half of this time is spent sitting at work and the other half at home or elsewhere. Time spent sitting only starts decreasing in retirement age. Employers currently offer too few alternatives to sitting while working. By reducing sitting time and using the Gymba active stand, you are healthier and more productive.


Width 46,5 cm, depth: 30,5 cm, height: 5,5 cm, weight: 1450 g

User’s maximum weight: 190 kg.

Colour: light grey, orange, dark grey, blue, pink.

Gymba is made out of ecological composite material and developed as well as manufactured in Finland. Thanks to its elasticity the Gymba offers versatile movement.

Garantii raamile 5 aastat.

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