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Helps to prevent leg fatigue and lower back pain resulting from long-term standing positions. GetUpMat’s right design and material properties reduce stiffness and fatigue when standing. The stand can be used, for example, in industry, cash registers, airports, pharmacies, banks and all the jobs that require standing.

Thanks to its innovative filling content, the mat never touches the floor and is durable for a long time. The surface is covered with dirt-repellent material. The standing mat is made of high-quality polyurethane. The bottom fits well with the floor.

The stand is easy to clean and disinfect as it does not contain fabric details. The mat has a carrying handle for convenient transport.


Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 640x515x21mm.
  • Colour: dark grey.
  • Material: PU polyurethane (PVC free).
  • The surface is smooth, pushing away from dirt and antibacterial. Sloping edges. The bottom is slip-resistant and safe.
  • Warranty 5 years.

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