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Base in an upright position for working when an height-adjustable table is not available. Designed for use with laptops and to reduce sitting. Suitable for working in an office, at home, in a cottage or on a business trip. For use: with laptops, tablets, desk, document holder, note pad and for children.


The benefits of GetUpDeskLight are:

  • Reduces hazardous seating position
  • Quick and easy installation, folding and transport
  • Allows you to set up and work in a variety of locations
  • 8 different heights to achieve the right position for you
  • Optimum working space to support forearm and wrists
  • When using the add-on keyboard, the laptop and screen can be adjusted to eye level to avoid tension in the neck and shoulder regions
  • Suitable for users of different ages and lengths for different purposes, such as writing, document storage, drawing, playing
  • Designs for use with the Active Standing Table Gymba

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