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The special shape retains the body’s relaxed position, releasing the neck, shoulders, elbow and upper arm. Reduced risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and overload injuries.

The shape of the support is particularly narrow at the waist, creating and facilitating a working position close to the keyboard, reducing the need for forearm shear movements and resulting muscle tension.
The forearm support is a great solution for working with a keyboard, a centre-mounted cursor and a traditional mouse. Ultra-slim design 11mm also allows you to use newer, slimmer keyboards and laptops without the burden of wrists.

Suitable for use in upright working and sitting position. Reduces tension in manual work activities outside of computer use.


Technical specifications:

  • Made of carefully selected materials to optimally support and simultaneously release tension. The metal bottom plate does not bend and gives the product a complete rigidity. Optimally soft content.
  • The leather cover material allows you to slip your hands well during printing or any other operation.
  • Kunstnahast mikropooridega kate on vastupidav ja lihtsalt puhastatav.
  • The microporous coating of the leatherette is durable and easy to clean.
    Metal fasteners allow stable and strong attachment. Included are mounting brackets with different mounting screws, suitable for tabletops of different thicknesses.

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