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FirmaFitness workouts

On-site fitness

15 minutes of active and energetic movement in the workplace, which does not require exercise clothing nor make you sweat. Conscious guided movement helps with back pain, energizes the movement of energy in the body, helps to relieve stress and tension and improves concentration. A fun group workout creates a positive atmosphere and makes you smile. There is no need for changing clothes and the training equipment is brought by the trainer. Easy!

Group training

45-60 minute training that is meant for an active team that wishes to work out together or have a fun competition amongst themselves. The training is carried out at the company’s premises or in the gym.

Exercises Offered:
Bodyweight Training | HIIT | YogaFunc | Stretch & massage

Posture training

The correct posture makes you feel more beautiful and self-confident! The conscious movement lasts 30 minutes and is carried out at the company. Posture training focuses on special exercises and movements that lead to a painless and relaxed life. The first session will be preceded by a 15-minute educational lecture. There is no need to change clothes and the training equipment is provided by the trainer.  

Office yoga

30-45 Minute Yoga Exercise, where you move from one position to another in the rhythm of breathing. Office yoga provides simple exercises for computer-operators and focuses on stretching. Sporting clothes are recommended and exercise equipment is not used.

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