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We help businesses create ergonomic workplaces for computer workers and offices to reduce health problems and sick days due to unhealthy working ergonomics


Our goal is to introduce companies and employees to ergonomic solutions for office work, based on their needs, through awareness-raising and testing of innovative tools. We will visit your company at the agreed time and teach your team the basics of computer work and ergonomics on the example of an example situation. We introduce working methods, postures, shift positions, work and rest intervals, measure and adjust the lighting. Also, we will teach you to use ergonomic tools to work with your computer.

For whom

Suitable for businesses that work with computers. If desired, ergonomic tools can be tested for up to 1 week. The tools will be installed in the workplace of the person who wishes it. We are also available for support during the testing period.



What is necessary for visiting?

Suitable room equipped with at least one desk, work chair and electricity. In the future, it will be possible to agree on personal workplace assessments and adaptations to your employees.

If you want more information or a quote please ask!